Five challenges in consuming a diet like our ancestors once did and five solutions to overcome these

1. Meat

Challenges The diet of our ancestors included huge quantities of meat, this was of high quality animal protein including organ meats of wild animals that was either raw or cooked and clean. The challenge of this today is the meat protein that is available to us is not in a wild natural state, unless labelled and authentically sourced. The meat can contain hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, has been fed GMO feed, not grass fed and the animals are kept in a lot rather than in paddocks in the sunlight. Solution The solution to this is to ensure you purchase wild fish from clean waters, not farmed or fed on pellets and swum in polluted waters. Meat that is organic, free range, grass fed from a reputable farmer that does not use pesticides, supplemental feed that is GMO and contains hormones and antibiotics. The animals need to be out in paddocks not in small feed lots.

2. Fats

Challenges Our ancestors eat a high fat diet, that was around 10 times the diet of today. The fats were saturated, monounsaturated, omega-3 and omega-6. The fat was a primary source of fuel for their bodies. The oils that are produced by the industrial revolution have been marketed and introduced to our modern diet as healthy. These are oils such as sunflower oil, vegetable oil, canola oil and flax seed oil. These oils are polyunsaturated and they are not the omega-3 oils that our bodies can use, they also go rancid. Solutions The solution to ensuring we are consuming good fats from what we are eating, to eat the fat from the wild and grass fed animals, cook with coconut oil and use olive oil or similar oils that have good antioxidant qualities. 3. Vegetables

Challenges The vegetables that were eaten by our ancestors were mainly fibrous vegetables and greens. The wild plants required very careful selection and preparation. The vegetables of today are very different to those that were available. The challenges of today are that the vegetables that are abundant today can be GMO, the soils they are grown in have been sprayed and the soils are depleted of minerals and nutrients, so our vegetables are also depleted of these minerals and nutrients. The vegetables could have made you sick if you did not know the correct way to prepare them and mostly they needed to be cooked. Solution The solution to overcome eating vegetables that are nutrient deficient is to source your organic vegetables from co-ops, farmer’s markets, grow your own seasonal vegetables or buy direct from your organic farmer. Make sure you purchase your vegetables from an authentic source and only eat the vegetables that would grow in that season, not from produce that has been altered to grow all year round, out of season and in climates they would not usually grow in.

4. Carbohydrates

Challenges The carbohydrates that our ancestor eat were from fibrous vegetables and greens that were indigestible and were not a major part of the daily diet. They did not eat starchy roots, tubers or legumes as they would have been dangerous to eat and been prohibited without extensive cooking. Our diet has changed to be heavily reliant on carbohydrates from starchy roots and grains. When they started to eat grains, they became addicted from the morphine-like compounds found in grains. Solution The solution to ensure our diet is following the hunter gatherer, is to eliminate all grains, rice and white potatoes from our diet and this includes the manufactured foods that contain gluten, such as cereal, breads, pasta, seasonings, sauces and any foods that are highly processed and contain any of these. 5. Fruit

Challenges The fruit that was consumed by our ancestors was always seasonal, this would also be wild fruit which is very high in fibre, small and low in sugar. The fruit we see today is modern fruits and they are not seasonal, as you can buy any of the fruits all year round. They have been changed to grow all year round out of season and they are also picked green and ripened by gases in fridges. Solution The solution is to select fruit that are wild fruits that were eaten by our ancestors, ensure you only eat a small amount and that you are only eating this fruit in the season this would have been ripe on the tree and picked. References

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