Multivitamin Use

I personally do not believe that multivitamins are of great benefit for our general health, there is a lot of misconception around what is good for you, what you need versus what is heavily marketed to you as a necessity for a high level of health and wellbeing. There is certainly a place for multivitamins in people’s lives, the dosage and requirements are to be accessed on an individual basis, depending on the person’s condition and accurate diagnosis due to medical intervention. This can be by either a main stream medical practitioner, integrative medical practitioner, nutritionist or naturopath. We are seeing an enhanced level of high profile marketing, similar to fast food marketing campaigns. The marketing is on all modalities of media by the supplement industry promoting that their products are required to ensure a long and health life. They promote their products by using high profile sports people as well as well-known actors. The products are marketed alongside inconclusive statistical information. This is promoting the need for the general public to consume a large variety of supplements and multivitamins in search for an immediate miracle cure or fix to sustain the desired healthy lifestyle.

When you go to the supermarket, chemist, health food shop, gymnasium, online or through direct selling companies (the places you are able to purchase multivitamins and dietary supplements are limitless), they all seem to have the most wonderful multivitamin or supplement to sell to you. The hardest part is there are so many to choose from and the miracles they promote and what you can achieve from taking them are extremely impressive. You need to ask yourself, why have you taken this pathway looking for the quick fix miracle cure for what you feel you are lacking in your diet and lifestyle. When you go from brand to brand not one of them can be compared with the next, they all seem to have slightly different information on their packaging.

According to the Roy Morgan Research, approximately 42% of Australian population purchased vitamins and supplements in 2015, which was an increase from 36% in 2011. The figures are much higher in women who purchase the vitamins and supplements for up to 6 months. 54% of the purchases were from chemists in 2015.

As there are no guidelines or standards around what the multivitamins should contain or what they are composed of, there quality and ingredients can vary quite considerably. No matter what the ailment or symptom you have or feel you have self-diagnosed to having after sifting through all the marketing materials and information available on the internet, you seem to be able to find a multivitamin to eradicate this, or so it is published to do this and in a very short time.

Multivitamins were originally designed to supplement your dietary intake to make up for the nutrient lacking foods we are eating. This has grown into a multibillion dollar business where they claim to benefit your health requirements vast and wide from weight loss, enhanced performance, eradicate health issues and everything in between.

It is very important to consult a medical practitioner before taking any vitamins or supplements that the store where you are looking to purchase recommends anything for you or you have self-diagnoses, as these products do not have to be tested under strict guidelines at all before they are put on the shelf for sale. If you are on other prescribed medication or even taking other supplements or have a known or unknow condition, taking supplements without medical supervision can be detrimental to your health.

The world economic recession has seen people turning to supplements and multivitamins in substitution for costly medical choices. This has led to a large growth industry with additional competition in the market place.

The marketing of products is now based on private labelling to be target marketing to specific consumers. Marketing strategies are in the forefront as this drives the company’s profit. If your strategy does not fit your target market and audience your message will not be received by the consumers. If your product has several uses, consumers and targets, the pharmaceutical companies can market the same product under several different private labels to ensure you reach your desired target market. The way in which the product is marketed is critical to their target audience, such as middle aged women are more inclined to have read about your product in a magazine, watched an advertisement on TV or heard the product being advertised on the radio. Whereas the younger generation would have seen the product advertised on social media.

In conclusion, your diet should be high in fruits and vegetables from an authentic source. You will have a much higher chance of reducing health aspects long term by following this type of diet, than choosing the multivitamins and supplements off the shelf, unless of course your medical practitioner has prescribed specific vitamins to support your dietary and health condition. This will in turn also be monitored and checked along the way. The health benefits you get from a healthy balanced diet will give you long lasting benefits without additional supplementing from an unknown source, apart from what is marketed and labelled to say what the supplement can do for you. When you purchase multivitamins and supplements you are buying them on the proviso that they will deliver what is printed on the label and the information you received from the marketing campaign. There is inconclusive evidence that manmade supplements can deliver what nature provides from quality produce. The results of the effect of one supplement on one person will be different on another person. This is dependent on a large number of external parameters and the results will be inconclusive unless they are very closely monitored. Follow a well-balanced diet and exercise regime and only take the supplements and vitamins recommended for you by your practitioner, if and when required.


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