The Benefits of Probiotics for Your Immune Health

We as humans, are experiencing so much disease (dis ease) in our world today, this has drawn extensive attention and understanding of our gut health to understand how to manage our health and where does it all begin.

Probiotics are in our systems from the day we are born into the world. This happens as the baby passes through the birthing canal and is exposed to the mother’s bacteria.

Probiotics are a very important part of our everyday life, as they are good bacteria that support your body’s ability to fight infection and absorb nutrients. Approximately one hundred trillion microorganisms live in our intestinal tract on a daily basis. Of this enormous number of microorganisms, approximately 95% of them are good bacteria and approximately 5% of them have the ability to grow and result in illness and disease. If your balance of good and bad bacteria is not right and you have too much of the bad bacteria this will have a negative effect on your body.

When you hear the word bacteria, some may think of this as something that is bad for you, on the contrary scientific evidence shows that certain types of good bacteria can treat and prevent illness. Good bacteria that lives in our gut keeps the bad microorganisms under control, assists the absorption of nutrients and aids immune function.

Due to the food industry and agricultural practices of today, our foods are lacking probiotics, so it is recommended to ensure your diet includes probiotic foods and some of the benefits of doing this are; improved immune system, better digestion and healthy skin, weight loss, less illness and better bowel health to name a few.

Fermented foods aid in providing our diet with probiotics. Some of the foods that are beneficial to improving our immune health through eating foods containing live cultures are: yogurt, pickled vegetables, miso, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha. You can purchase probiotic powders and capsules, I would be very careful with what you are purchasing to ensure they are what they are being marketed as. Ensure that you add these foods into your diet daily to reap the benefits of probiotics to increase your immune health.


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